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November 20, 2018 [Our Past 20 Years] Reviewing the Past 20 Years and Composing a New Chapter of LVTC - Review on LVTC's 20-year Achievements in Higher Vocational Education

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Humanized Services

Situationer from News Center (Text by Tang Yan from Publicity Department of Party Committee, Photos by Zhu Jingmin and Tang Yan from Publicity Department of Party Committee, News Center) In the 20 years of higher vocational education, LVTC always adheres to the concept of "putting teachers and students first, satisfying teachers and students", focuses on customers, externalizes the inherent requirements of "improving the management level and education quality, strengthening the awareness of service-based education, optimizing the environment of service-based education and enhancing the service-based education ability and level" into concrete practices, and strives to achieve the tenet of “including teaching and management into services”.

In September 2014, the College established the “one-stop” student service center, providing students with 26 services divided into four categories: academic services, life services, personalized services and 24-hour hotline services. With the opening of the faculty service area at the service center in March 2017, the “one-stop” student service center was upgraded to a “Comprehensive Service Center” of 2.0 version, and 13 new services were added for the faculty and divided into four modules: daily affairs handling, supplies distribution, certificate handling and financial handling. The establishment of the service center has eliminated the trouble of teachers and students of rushing to different departments to deal with one thing, achieved the “one-stop, all-round, all-weather and humanized” services and innovated the management mode of teacher and student affairs in colleges and universities. In over one year after establishment, the service center has received more than 40 colleges, universities and secondary vocational colleges in and out of the autonomous region to visit and study, providing peer colleges with certain experience.

In July 2016, the College established the faculty development center. The faculty post competency models are established through investigation and expert analysis, and faculty post competency is assessed through talent assessment, quantitative assessment, comprehensive evaluation and other means, which provides basis for education and training, talent introduction, post promotion, etc. Meanwhile, faculty development planning and annual work plan are prepared according to the College’s development strategy and respective development objectives, to guide faculty in planning their own career development and provide targeted education, training and consultation services according to different stages and characteristics of faculty career development. The “four-focus” learning and training service system, namely, all-round focus on growth of faculty on all posts, comprehensive development of faculty, each-stage growth of faculty and personalized development of faculty, has been established to effectively promote faculty career development and achieve the talent guarantee for the College’s strategic objectives.


Comprehensive Service Center of Shewan Campus


Comprehensive Service Center of Guantang Campus


President Shi Lingming gives a lecture at the new teacher training organized by faculty development center


Exquisite Campus

“Exquisiteness” is the “exquisite culture” of pursuing excellence and improving quality, a kind of management level of pursuing excellence and keeping improvement, the management focusing on process and details and the necessary guarantee for high-quality education. Over the past 20 years of higher vocational education, LVTC has actively created a warm and harmonious education atmosphere by building an exquisite campus.

Implementing the environment-based education: A all-season flowery and every-step scenic campus is created through campus environment improvement; clean and tidy teaching and training building, spacious and bright library, wide and beautiful standardized athletic field and so on have jointly created a strong education campus atmosphere. In October 2016, the Guantang Campus with the total planned land area of 1,000 mu and the floor area of 130,000 m2 in Phase I was officially put into use, greatly improving the college-running conditions, expanding the college-running space and accelerating the College’s development pace.

Creating the College’s cultural card: Efforts are made to construct environmental culture, network culture, forum culture, media culture and other cultural brands, and emphasis is laid on creating four cultural business cards with LVTC’s characteristics: campus media, campus network, campus forum and campus environment.

Constructing high-quality campus cultural activities to develop students’ comprehensive quality: A series of high-quality cultural activities are organized to have formed the campus cultural environment that takes the “serving the talent cultivation” as the tenet, focuses on cultivating students’ spirit of innovation and ability of practice and is beneficial to growth of young students. Meanwhile, the College actively promotes the construction of “smart campus” and plans to create the campus environment with outstanding features such as mobile terminal, intelligent teaching and smart education cloud, achieve the intelligent teaching with major characteristics of self-directed learning, personalized learning and collaborative learning as well as the smart management based on Internet and Big Data, and vigorously cultivate high-quality innovative talents and skilled technicians adaptable to “Internet Plus” era development.

Implementing the brand construction and building a good image: The College has standardized its image recognition system (VI) and in-campus building names, printed the Culture Manual, strengthened teachers’ and students’ awareness education on brand image and determined the College’s “mission, vision and value”.

All the teachers and students have formed strong love-for-college awareness and brand awareness, providing a strong spiritual motivation for stepping towards a famous national higher vocational college.


Aerial View of Guantang Campus


                                            Culture Manual published


The National Ballet of China carried out the “High Art into Campus” activity in the College


Outstanding Contributions

LVTC’s 20-year history in higher vocational education is a struggle history of forging ahead and arduous entrepreneurship and also a development history of brave exploitation and determined aggressiveness.

Over the past 20 years, the College’s teaching quality has been improved constantly, with an increasing influence. In 2016, the College was ranked 27th among national higher vocational and technical colleges, and is in top 3% among over 1300 colleges; its influence was ranked 19th among 100 national demonstrative higher vocational colleges. In the same year, the college was listed in the national top 50 “demonstrative higher vocational colleges in innovation and entrepreneurship”. By 2017, the College had won the title of “Outstanding Unit in Regular College Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Work in Guangxi” for consecutive 17 years (the only college in Guangxi).

The college has established the technological innovation and development platform, built the industry-college-research base, carried out technical program R&D and technology promotion, and established the robot technology application engineering center, advanced manufacturing technology promotion & application center, cloud technology application center, smart campus information center, etc. In addition, the college cooperates with enterprises in carrying out over 50 horizontal technical subject researches every year, and its patent application quantity is ranked first in higher vocational and technical colleges in Guangxi and top 5 among colleges and universities in Guangxi.

In 2016, the College established the first Research Institute of Collaborative Innovation among higher vocational colleges in Guangxi. The Research Institute has currently 1 academician workstation, engineering technology center at autonomous region level and 5 Liuzhou municipal engineering technology R&D centers, and devotes itself to developing into an open and innovative technology service platform that is at the domestic advanced level and integrates technological innovation, high-end talent introduction, technological achievement transformation, enterprise incubation and innovation, professional talent cultivation, etc. In September 2016, the Research Institute was listed into the fifth technology transfer demonstration institutions at autonomous region level, making our College become the first and only higher vocational college receiving this honor in Guangxi.

As the talent cultivation base for middle and small-sized enterprises in Liuzhou, the College carries out over 100 training and appraisal programs annually and has trained 11,000 appraisers. In addition, the College actively introduces the American community college mode to create the brand of community education and carry out culture & art and other trainings to the society.

According to various data, LVTC has become the leading college of vocational education in Liuzhou and the pacesetter of higher vocational education in Guangxi, and established the higher vocational education brand with its own characteristics.

Reviewing the past, they were eventful years; looking ahead, there is a long way to go. Standing at a new starting point, LVTC will adhere to the mission of “To Make the Students Be the First Choice of Enterprises” and the value of “Seeking Truth and Pursuing Excellence”, implement the development strategy of “taking the lead in the world, upgrading the connotation and simultaneously promoting six practices to build a well-known higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics”, and spare no effort to step towards the vision of “to become a renowned and respectable higher vocational college”.



Industrial robot training center


The College and Liudong New Area Administrative Committee signs an agreement to jointly construct the “LVTC-Liudong New Area Collaborative Innovation Research Center”


LVTC awarded the China’s Top 50 Model Higher Vocational Colleges in Terms of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Since 2001, the College has won the title of “Outstanding Unit in Regular College Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Work in Guangxi” for consecutive 17 years


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