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[Our Past 20 Years] Review of LVTC's 20-year Achievements in Higher Vocational Education (1)

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Editorial note: Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College has 20 years of history (1998-2018). In 1998, five adult colleges were merged to form Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College (LVTC). In 2001, three secondary vocational schools joined in LVTC. LVTC got excellence rating in the higher vocational education evaluation arranged by the Ministry of Education of the China in 2006, became a national demonstrative higher vocational college in 2010, and put forward the LVTC's development strategy of “taking the lead in the world, upgrading the connotation and simultaneously promoting six practices to build a well-known higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics” at the LVTC Congress of Communist Party of China in 2014. Currently, LVTC ranks the top 3% in more than 1300 higher vocational colleges in the national higher vocational college competitiveness ranking, and its status and social influence in the vocational education of Guangxi and even the whole country have been steadily improved year by year. LVTC has been successfully selected as one of China’s Top 50 Model Higher Vocational Colleges in Terms of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, and an “Advanced Unit in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education among the Higher Vocational Colleges in China, and has won the honorary title of Outstanding Unit in Ordinary College Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Work in Guangxi for 17 consecutive years. LVTC has gained a lot from concerted efforts and continued growth of higher vocational education over the past passionate 20 years.

In the past 20 years, LVTC has made a lot of efforts in the education internationalization, management system reform, personnel training, team building, public service system, infrastructure construction, etc., and carried out multiple measures simultaneously to move forward from various levels, so that LVTC has had great achievements and made significant contributions.

LVTC News Center is hereby releasing the report series themed "Our Past 20 Years" to show the achievements of LVTC in higher vocational education in the past 20 years to raise the sense of identity and belonging of teachers and students towards LVTC, build consensus, inspire development confidence, and make new contributions to the development of LVTC! (Text by Tang Yan from Publicity Department of Party Committee, Photos by Zhu Jingmin from Publicity Department of Party Committee and LVTC News Center)


International Standard

Since the implementation of higher vocational education, LVTC has actively introduced international personnel training standards and advanced standards for this industry and enterprises, and formulated personnel training programs, curriculum standards, practice condition creation standards, assessment and certification standards, teacher training and certification standards to generally improve the quality of personnel training and promote the industrial internationalization and transformation and upgrading of the region.

Since 2001, LVTC has carried out various forms of exchange visits and cooperation with 18 countries and regions such as UK, Germany, USA, and Canada, in the field of, e.g. vocational and technical education project cooperation, advanced study, mutual exchange or joint training of teachers and students, cooperation and development of specialties, and jointly development of training bases. In 2007, LVTC and Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LiuGong”) strengthened the strategic cooperation by establishing the LVTC-LiuGong Overseas Class. Up to now, a total of 5 phases of overseas class has been held, and more than 300 outstanding graduates have been dispatched to LiuGong, who can be seen all over the world. Since 2012, LVTC has successively implemented the Chinese Ministry of Education - DMG MS Cooperation Program in the Specialty of Numerical Control, Chinese Ministry of Education - FANUC Numerical Control System Application Technology Center Program, Siemens Advanced Automation Technology Joint Demonstration & Training Center, Chinese Ministry of Education - Sino-German Vocational Education Automobile Mechanical and Electronic Cooperation Program (SGAVE), British Modern Apprenticeships Programme, Sino-German “Dual System” Education Cooperation Program, and the Liuzhou- AHK Vocational Training Center Project. In 2017, LVTC was selected as the first cooperation college by the European School for Sommelier for its program in China, and reached a cooperation intention with Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Malaysia and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. In the same year, the LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience and Training Center, which was jointly established with LiuGong, was launched to cooperate with the countries along the Belt and Road to develop personnel training, global dealer training, skill competition, technology research and development, and vocational skills appraisal. At the beginning of 2018, LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center India Branch was established in India. At present, LiuGong-LVTC Al-Qahtani Institute is under construction. It will provide international talent pool for LiuGong after completed.

Based on the principle of “serving enterprise development, and college-enterprise win-win cooperation”, LVTC has constantly created new college-enterprise cooperation models. Following the opening of the “Overseas Order Class” with LiuGong in 2007 and the launching of personnel training for enterprises in the order class mode, LVTC has successively opened Fuda Class, Huali Class, LiuGong Class, Wuling Class, and Liuzhou Steel Class to provide the local enterprises with a large number of outstanding adaptable personnel who meet the requirements of modern enterprise positions and can get the job started quickly, which directly solves the shortage of talents in enterprises. In recent years, LVTC has actively sought to cooperate with large and medium-sized enterprises with international vision in running the college, and has jointly built ZTE ICT School, High-Flying Education School, HQ Management Accounting School, B&J Internet School and Sunyunk Software Engineering School to form a destiny community with enterprises and promote the quality of personnel training by college-enterprise cooperation. LVTC has also established Guangxi Automobile Industry Vocational Education Group with Guangxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. to make respective advantages complementary to each other, and have a comprehensive cooperation in innovation practice and collaborative education program incubation. The Education Group is one of the first demonstrative vocational education groups in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.



Zhu Weicai (right), Secretary of LVTC Party Committee, signed an international sommelier training cooperation agreement with Tomasello, President of European School for Sommelier.



Shi Lingming (left), President of Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College, signed a cooperation agreement with the representative of the German Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd Shanghai Delegation



LVTC won the SGAVE program finalist and was awarded the plaque of “Sino-German Vocational Education Cooperation College”


Official opening of LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center


Professional Teams

In the past 20 years, LVTC has been committed to building a team of teachers with sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, high quality and masterly vocational work to lead the development of vocational education with high-end talents.

Among the more than 800 faculty members in LVTC, double-position teachers account for 83.27% of the total number of teachers for specialized course, of whom 69.66% are full-time teachers reaching the standard for excellent level. Nearly 70% of the full-time teachers in LVTC have received training abroad, and most of them have obtained foreign vocational qualification certifications. LVTC has also received various honorary titles issued by the Ministry of Education: 6 national-level teaching achievement awards, 6 national-level top-quality courses, 5 national top-quality resource sharing courses, 1 national-level famous teacher, 1 national-level excellent teaching team, 1 national excellent model teacher, 1 national excellent teacher, 2 national outstanding educators, and 37 national awards won by teachers in education and teaching ability competitions. LVTC is a higher vocational college in Guangxi with most national teaching achievement rewards and most teaching teams and famous teachers at national and regional levels.

In order to cultivate a high-end talent team, LVTC set up talent incubation platforms by establishing 21 excellent talent studios in May 2018. Under the direction of famous teachers, skill masters and outstanding teachers, these platforms give full play to the professional leading role of outstanding talents, and accelerate the cultivation of a group of high-quality specialized teachers full of vitality with noble morality, masterly vocational work, and reasonable structure so as to provide strong talent support and intellectual support for LVTC to become a distinctive high vocational college.


LVTC has established 21 excellent talent studios led by excellent teachers


Teachers of LVTC trained under the British Modern Apprenticeship Programme in Birmingham, UK


National teaching achievement awards (partial)


Modern Management

In recent years, LVTC has thoroughly implemented the development strategy of “taking the lead in the world, upgrading the connotation and simultaneously promoting six practices to build a well-known higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics”. On the basis of the post-demonstration construction, LVTC has adhered to build a high-quality college and created a set of performance and quality evaluation standard system for vocational education by referring to the US Performance Evaluation Guidelines, and continuously improved the internal quality assurance system integrating education and teaching.

LVTC has always insisted on grasping the important and difficult points, finding the breakthrough points, occupying the commanding heights, and working hard on management demonstration, reform demonstration and development demonstration. A quality system is designed with overall planning, and a series of quality standards are developed by establishing a clear chain from college, departments to individuals. It has optimized the business and service processes, established a performance appraisal system, and adopted a diversified appraisal method combining “daily appraisal + maturity assessment + performance appraisal + third-party evaluation”. LVTC relies on the intelligent quality assurance information platform to cultivate a management team with good quality awareness and execution. The quality of modern management has been greatly improved by changing from functional management to process management and by means of normalization, standardization, digitalization and informatization, and the fundamental change from management to service will be gradually realized.

The customer satisfaction for education and teaching services provided by LVTC has been increasing year by year, and the core value of high performance has been deeply rooted in the hearts of LVTC people. The quality concept of “Overall Quality, Whole Process Quality, and All Involvement in Quality” has been established throughout the college. LVTC has formulated a working standard with clear responsibilities, clear criterion, smooth feedback and continuous improvement, established a quality control and performance appraisal system consisting of indicators such as goal orientation, project management, quality control, work performance and featured innovation, and formed a quality culture with its characteristics, providing a reference and playing an important leading and demonstration role for other vocational colleges in introducing advanced quality management mode and improving the quality of education and teaching.


LVTC Quality System Improvement Process


Customer satisfaction for education and teaching services provided by LVTC has been increasing year by year

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